Questions & Answers

Below are some questions that you may have for the Hanford Concerns Council.

1. What is the first step when an employee goes to the Council for help?

2. What happens if the Council doesn’t take an employee’s case? Do they lose any rights?

3. What can the Council do for most situations?

4. How long does the process take?

5. What happens in the meantime?

6. What happens once the Council has completed its recommendation?

7. Should an employee be worried about being laid off if they come forward? What can be done about these concerns while the case is going on?

8. Does the Council process cost anything?

9. Does the company control the Council process?

10. Do employees need a lawyer to assist them with the Council process?

11. May employees withdraw a complaint the Council has agreed to take?

12. May employees have access to the Council file regarding their concerns?

13. Can employees seek resolution of concerns anonymously?

14. If an employee can’t count on anonymity, can they count on confidentiality?