Working Together

DSCN0079.JPGThe Hanford Concerns Council provides a unique opportunity to resolve employee concerns about safety, workplace issues, or environmental hazards that have not been resolved by regular channels. Through a process that is discrete, comprehensive, and efficient, the Council offers employees the means to have their issues addressed, be protected from retaliation, and bring closure in a safe, protected process; as it helps the company address problems in a way that takes less time, costs less and improves safety.

The Council blends factual assessment and mediation techniques in a resolution process that is unique among nuclear sites across the country. In this way, the Council provides a forum for any employee to bring forward concerns that they believe do not, or will not, receive appropriate or timely attention, and to seek protection from retaliation in doing so.

“Prior to adopting the Council system, many of the members were not likely found in the same room, unless it was the courtroom. Using a collaborative approach instead, council members who represent company, advocate and neutral perspectives bring knowledge and experience, and take the bold step of sitting around the same table. By examining all of the information together with the goal of reaching an objective conclusion, this approach is far more likely to arrive at a resolution that ensures fairness and safety, and preserves the dignity and career of the concerned employee.” – Jonathan Brock, Council Chair