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ALE cleanup completion

ALE cleanup completion

Filling in the Holes in Whistleblower Protection Systems: Lessons from the Hanford Council Experience
In an effort to understand and assess the factors that help or hinder resolution of whistleblower conflicts, this paper draws lessons from the Hanford Concerns Council.

Jonathan Brock, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, December 01, 2013. Read More (PDF)

Introduction: Speaking up for Justice, Suffering Injustice: Whistleblower Protection and Need for Reform
Some of the most significant issues of social, environmental, and economic injustice have been brought to light and, subsequently, addressed, mitigated, or prevented because of whistleblowers. This paper provides a review of the need for reforming whistleblower protection.
Dana Gold, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, December 01, 2013. Read More (PDF)

To Mediate or Adjudicate? An Alternative for resolving Whistleblower Disputes at the Hanford Nuclear Site
This paper examines the difference between mediation and adjudication. More specifically, it provides a cost-benefit analysis between traditional means of litigating and the Hanford Concerns Council, an alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.
Angela Day, Seattle Journal for Social Justice, December 01, 2013. Read More (PDF)

America’s Nuclear Wastelands: Politics, Accountability and Cleanup
This book presents a grand overview of the history of the Cold War arms production and the political and institutional dynamics of today’s cleanup.
Max Power, 2008, Washington State University Press, Pullman Washington. Link

Report Regarding Programs for Beryllium– Exposed Workers
The Hanford Joint Council prepared this report after two beryllium-affected workers brought issues regarding various beryllium programs to the Council and expressed frustration with their lack of success in dealing with them as individuals or as members of the Beryllium Awareness Group.
Hanford Joint Council for Resolving Employee Concerns, 2002, Report

Full and Fair resolution of Whistleblower Issues: The Hanford Joint Council For Resolving Employee Concerns, A pilot ADR approach.
This article explores the Hanford Joint Council as a new and innovative approach to resolving complex concerns at one of the nation’s largest nuclear clean-up sites.
Jon Brock, Administrative Law Review 51 (2).  Spring 1999. Read More (PDF)

External Third-Party Review of Significant Employee Concerns: The Joint Cooperative Council for Hanford Disputes. University of Washington Graduate School of Public Affairs Working Papers in Public Policy Analysis and Management. June 1992.  Report