Interest Group Commitment

slide pic- homeThree seats on the Hanford Concerns Council are held by members with ties to employee advocacy interest groups and who are trusted by and knowledgeable of the employee community. These members not only interpret and reflect the views of the interest groups, they have the ability to bring alternative perspectives which can open new and constructive channels for implementation of safety practices.

As an important part of the Council, these employee advocacy leaders help to guarantee that the process addresses the safety issues of all employees, as well as ensuring the welfare of the individual, and the employee group as a whole is protected.

Current participating advocacy organization:

Hanford Challenge

“The Concerns Council represents a unique avenue for employees to identify and resolve concerns in a safe environment, without giving up their rights. Especially in a complex workplace like Hanford, it is essential that every employee can be heard. Hanford Challenge encourages Hanford employees to utilize this process when they feel that their concerns are not being adequately addressed through the normal channels.” – Tom Carpenter, Hanford Challenge