Do you have a concern?

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For more than 20 years, the Council has successfully applied its unique process of conflict resolution to resolve complex disputes between workers and management. At no financial cost to the employee, the Council offers a voluntary, confidential mechanism that can resolve concerns more quickly, more creatively and more fairly than through other dispute resolution channels.

Our Commitment to Concerned Employees
The Council employs a number of mechanisms to provide the employee with safeguards. First and foremost, Council proceedings are strictly confidential and protected by Washington State mediation rules. The employee may withdraw from the Council process at anytime, and may make “protective” filings to preserve their rights while the Council works on their case. Click here to learn more.

Case Resolution
The Council seeks to reach holistic solutions that address both safety issues and retaliation, while avoiding painful and costly litigation. Billie Garde, a former whistleblower and now an attorney who spenders her career representing and defending other whistleblowers was initially a skeptic. “But now I’ve come around because, for the most part, I’ve seen this process work. I’ve seen it successfully avoid the winner- loser scenario that ruins far too many careers.” Click here to learn more about case resolutions.

As of January 31, 2016, the Council ceased case and advisory operations.