Commitment to the Employee

07312010_Photo_7_DX_extraction_well_7-30-10.jpgThe guarantee that employee rights are protected.

One of the most important benefits to an employee working with the Hanford Concerns Council is that their rights are protected and confidentiality is ensured. The employee is able to bring their concerns to the Council in a safe and confidential environment and may at any time, have the option of pursuing other avenues if their concern is not resolved by the Council.

At the start of the Council process, the employee will be asked to put other processes on hold, or to make only “protective” filings to preserve their rights while the Council works on the case. At the initial “assessment” stage, the employee’s name is not divulged, so that if they decide not to go further with the Council process their identity is protected. If the Council does not take their case, it will attempt to provide information about other avenues for assistance.

“For me the Council members were professional, courteous, understanding and caring. This was true for both the council members representing me and the council member representing the company.” – Employee